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Monday, July 17, 2006 It's Official

I have moved! ...to my new cyber crib. Won't be posting here anymore so bookmark the new addy: http://www.angelbq.com (photoblog, blog on photography, scrapbboking and wifery under one roof). And I must say, I love using wordpress and livingdot. More about that on my welcome entry. See yah over there blog comrades.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 One of the few

Ok guys here are one of the few entries you will be sing from me for the next 3 weeks. We have family over so as I said I won't be that privileged with my computer time as before. Even now at 3 am sneaking here, I feel shame for being up so late. Anyway, we're happy to have them over and the little rascal Alexander really challenges me photography wise. He has got a new and bigger space to roam, so he is always running around back and forth, and exploring. I really want some good light with slow shutter speed, but his movement makes it hard to get stable shots. As much as possible, i want to avoid flash. I am already longing for an advanced lens for portraits and one with shallower depth of field. One with stabilizer, telezoom lens and a fast one. It was so much fun when he took a little shower. My sis snapped away while I was holding the shower. We haven't started yet and the shower was at neck level with him, and he took his head down below the shower, really eager for splash of water. He was frolicking so much and just having a blast feeling the water run down. We were all laughing and amused by the whole thing. I even rested a little and took the shower down, and he pulled my hand to put the shower back on him. What a cutey.

We got the lensbabies (lensbabies.com) the other day. It's been fun playing around with them. Hard in the beginning, but started slowly to get the hang of it. Bizzi, the last couple of days is snapping away. Going to all corners of the house and taking pictures of interesting details. i am glad he has started taking interest. Such a delight to watch him getting his artistic side.

Thanks to Liv, I have now been able to get a cyber glimpse of our one page ad for Interplay. Cool stuff, and I sent you a reply Liv, but just have to say thanks again. And thanks to wanda too for offering the same. You gals are the best. I'll try to post when I have the chance to. I am crazy speeding my entry while trying not to make so much noice.

I managed to finish cleaning, and didn't sleep a whole day. I was at one point extremely exhausted, and just ready to crash to bed, but managed to fight it till it completely disappeared. Our only problem now is our small freezer and tomorrow if Jiar, my bro in law, doesn't have OT, he will drive me to buy a small stand alone freezer. As of now, we just have a combi ref and freezer thing. That led my auntie to make 3 dish in a day when my uncle brought a whole load of frozen meat and fish.

I am getting a new place. At the web, I mean. My new space will be at angelbq.com. I am waiting for it to propagate which they said could take 3 days. I got both movable type and wordpress with the hosting as well as their photoblog application. I will be using wordpress because of a.) design, lots of great designs available b.) categories and c.) pages d.) easy to import from other blogs and d.) ability to password protect. I am using livingdot.com. Actually, my real intention is to get a photoblog. My research led me to their site, and I liked their photoblog. The photoblog is part of their packages. Wordpress is a little different than what I am used to with blogger. Especially with hosting and the use of cpanel. But I am trying to read a bit to familiarize myself. Although I must say that reading wordpress' knowledgebase can be a little overwhelming at first. Especially the topic not included in the basic. I am kind of uncertain though as to keep this blog or not, because I worked so hard with customizing this, and I love how it turned out. Hmmm, choices choices again... next up is to get a flickr account as my public album in addition to my photoblog.

Italy won the world championships. I was cheering for France and the gang of Thierre Henry. Oh well, no damage done. It was fun though.

A commercial running this season is the pepsi commercial with the song dadada. Bizzi and I fancy it and find it hillarious. Same with this annoying ad at MTV that amuses us in a weird way. Weather has been up and down, but amazingly, weather forecasts has been predictible, and if it stays that way, there will be good times this weekend.

Gotta go amigas. Wish I could chat much longer. I miss scrapping and blogging :(

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Friday, July 07, 2006 RAK

Random act of kindness. I knew what that meant before, but I am usually one of the last to know. Either that or I get it instantly by guessing. I had to pull help with ROFL which Weng provided me with. And I think there is even a longer version of that ROFLMAO, what is the last 3? and then I managed to guess KWIM just recently by guessing. It annoyed not knowing, and without even seing it used in context, I managed to come with Know What I Mean.

Back to RAK. How generous of you Liv dahling. Mom told me that it will come out late and that she won't be able to send it off with uncle who will come on monday, but now I can see it faster. Thanks, thanks and lots of cyberhugs to yah. Your such a toughtful sweetie.

And last, usually I don't look back once I post to correct typos, but I scanned quickly over the last post, and I am just disgusted. So. cleaner version coming soon for the sake of pleasing myself. You are probably finish reading the post when I have edited it :) For I am off to bed... And since I didn't manage to scrap anything as planned, I am sure cleaning schedule will be edited tomorrow ;) Procrastination is a disease I tell you!

So we reached another blog milestone of a super short entry per angie's definition adn even a double post for today (check below for another new one from today).

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Pardon me again

..for I have been away so long again. Ok I won't be blogging so much also the next couple of days since we are having guests here for a week or two, and showing off my computer stamina isn't excactly on top of my agenda.

So i will try to squeeze in as much in this entry till you get all dizzy for days that you won't visit my blog again for a long time, LOL.

Before I forget, let me answer some stuff here:

Faith: Read below (btw, I need some high resolution pictures, your faves from the wedding. you know where to send them right)

Alynn: I love it when you leave caring notes like that. Now you get me senti, LOL. I haven't been very good at reciprocating, but believe me with bloglines I always drop by and read what's up with you guys. The thing with bloglines is that I can't comment from there. But I always get the news first! I love wood parquet since it is more modern looking. I think it depends on the look you're going for. Anyway, set aside some few change everyday for the next ten years, and the maintenance won't be a problem :)

Cheche: Thanks sweetie, and mighty sweet as well with the exchange gifts. How thoughtful arrangement.

Jean: Ofcourse I don't mind. Me be flattered. I have so many to link, but haven't found the time yet. So hop you don't mind me linking you up later :) You're a surfergirl. How awesome!'

Liv, Wanda and Dionne: Thank you for the lovin'. I was rught to post it while it was clean though. Or otherwise it would be the dumpster instead of the hotel, LOL. Anyway, Dionne, the dream story cracked me up. I always laugh at dream stories. I catch Bizzi lauging in his sleep, and I won't give him a break when he wakes up by repeatedly pointing out my funny night observation. And Liv you always make me laugh girl, and ypu know it. And may I say you look so pretty and funky with the bangs and the makeup. You know how to work those brushes dahling. Wanda, good luck with the cherry blossom thingie. I just luuuv cherry blossoms.

Amor: You know I love yah mother-to-be. Take care sweetie and stay positive. Mwah!

Litzie: Have you got it yet sis. Photoblog a little extended. Not sure, but I might buy an account for a photoblog. Decisions, decisions :)

Ok, here's a LO to share. Man am I a slow scrapper. I shop rapid though and has began to chat in turbo since I discovered the wonderful community of digishoptalk. I wish I could scrpa just as quick as I hit the checkout button.


Credits: Papers and belt from All American kit by Nancie and Michelle, overlay recolored from Joshua's day in the sun from Dianne and Michelle, stitching by Christine Nash, tie fasteners by katie Pertiet. sparkling brads by Gina Miller, glitter swirls and alpha from Jen Wilson. Fonts: Depot and Destroy. Illustration action and romance full plus blending modes for photo. TFL!

I was meaning to post something last time, but just forgot to. I just had to say congratulations to my very good friend faith and hanzel. She sent me links to pictures and video, and I lvoed her look for her day. Loved the white flowers in the hair and the makeup and the gown was exquisite and so stylish, and da man was rocking the place. What a cool couple. Faith you were beaming and so beautiful. And knowing me you rocked some tears out of me too.

And more weddings have taken place in the community, and I am just going shucks, how nice, how sweet and how beautiful, shucks, sighs coupled with tears and badly missing the preps. I need to bid waw farewell with 12000 unread in my inbox, it will still take awhile just erasing and not reading. But ofcourse I need to congratulate the newlyweds first, and make a formal adieu to the community where I gathered so many friends and inspiration. Bitter since it also means paritng with the dream of being in the wedding biz. I loved to get tips and opinions ther, and filter my mail religiusly according to categories. I wished I have time to squeeze ot help and contribute, but I feel already like my tasks is drowning me already.

Btw, got this cool email from Erika. Our pics appeared at wedding essentials as part of Lala's advertisment. Boy am I just dying to see that. No matter how small the picture, I would still be jumping and pointing, look it's me and Bizzi, yooohooo. It's on print and that is all that matters. And wedding essentials is my fave pinas wedding mag. Not so many choices, but better than metro. Love how they package the whole thing with its graphic design. It's a class above the rest.

So I am battered, bruised, soar and scratched right now. And the reason being, shopping. Obviously not the cyberway since I am feeling these bruises. In womanhood, there's only one reason to subject yourself through pain (besides from that, ehm, cough cough), and that's shopping. We endure that our arms get a tad longer and that the edges hits our legs repeatedly just for some retail therapy (which might need to be followed up with a little physiscal therapy). I never thought that the distance to our house could ever seem to be this long. And I was catching my breath in the heat (man do I need to workout or get used to doing more physical activity than slightly rotating my butt in my computer chair). I already bough a long package containing a shoerack, tucked underneath my underarms when I entered the electronic department (as well as a tupperware bowl, handy for throwing peels and stuff so yu don't have to open the bin all the time). My main purpose was to get a copy of a recipt of our washing machine purchase to present to the service man the day before. But I couldn't resist buyong the electric grill (we already have a huge gassgrill and a standing electronic grill, but I think I am obsessed with grills). I was just supposed to buy the type that makes you grilled sandwiches, but I find them a little too small and prejudiced to other breadtype than toast. What if I wanted a panini grill or a ciabatta?

collage1 (Medcium)

The one I bought was medium sized with enough space to grill steaks and vegetable (mmm...love grilled vegetables, tomatoes, zuchini, aubergine and bell pepper). So, versatility there. And it was a huge package and empty, so I was crazy to snag an electronic toothbrush, electronic beard trimmer and lavarocks for the gass grill. I declare myself insane. And to think I had ambitions to even include an external harddisk. And got to talk with boconcept where we bought that troubled chair. Apparently, they started producing that chair with another legs. I assume many had the same problem. So I am expecting a call anytime soon. 3 cheers for me for all the accomplishments.

Before i carried the load, I was free to roam and observe and feel fabrics and check details. I loved this place with all the lovely pillows, with lovely colors and prints. Summer is so cool with all the vibrabt colors and prints. Seems like a little shaaby, traditional and still baroque patterns is still in. Sweet colors, like a candied aqua and candied bright pinks and fuschia's. I headed to another interior decor place where they had some really cool details and their arrangements was assorted in colors. My passion for interior is once again aroused. But, darn, there's no point till we get our place of our own. This time, I will approcah designing our place little by little. Adding one detail at a time, so I can invest in som really nice eyecatching pieces. I want to be a little more playful. I still want stuff tucked in frosted glass or wood, but the details will be more bold in colors, a little more shabby, romantic, elegant and traditional, but still would be kid friendly. Want it to be more homey, casual and not so stiff and too contemporary (believe me, although that rectangular sharp edged table look oh so clean in lines, you wouldn't want your children's head going for that direction). we still need to buy big pieces. I want to get rid of our old fixtures like the coach and the table. And we need a bigger bed. I just am so excited to get a spacious bedroom. I managed to make our room have the illusion of appearing bigger, but it still feel cramped. And please grant me a brushed steel side by side ref and freezer with icemaker on the door.

I did wish at one point I was a digi designer, becasue that day I was really inspired by all the nice stuff. I am going back though for a closet since we have way too many jackets we use for each season, and it's all packed in the hanger in the entrance.

It's a weird thing though to have a shoe rack on our terrace. Had this been the Philippines, I wouldn't need any meditation on the issue, it would be straight no, as opposed to here where I don't need to worry that someone might take our shoes away in the middle of night. Theft here happens usually in the garage, not on the terrace or breaking in. In our 3 years of living here, it never happened that someone stole our shoes or other stuff in the terrace.

It's tropical hot today (no not that hot, but we are in Norway. Our standard of hot isn't excactly a high one). I have the terrace door open and it's completely silent. No breeze, no activity and even the silent cpu fan is louder. The only thing is that those darn long legged mosquitos comes in. Have I told you what I hate by summer, bees. I panick when I hear it buzz. And it doesnæt comfort me that it dies after stinging someone and you cna get instant gratification of revenge. It still scares am and have me running or getting stiff neck from standing still. and as I was sleeping in the afternoon I was steaming in the bedroom. I just felt like i had to ventilate and blow some steam. I was wanting a peach icetea with loads of ice.

So, the friendly repair man dropped over earlier today and not so long ago while i was writing in this blog, I went to take out the finished laundry that finished in the natural way, without me having to force finish it. I was delighted when I checked on it earlier than that to see the dry program blinking, meaning it was about to finish. It was scorching hot and crisp dry. And the smell was good (not better than when you dry it naturally in the sun, but close). I am one happy washing machine owner. Seems like we didn't use a rinsing program. He was such a ncie man, and he didn't scold us at all for our negligence like grumpy servicemen do, but he said it's so tactful in a way that I wouldn't disappointe about myself and feel bad that I treated it bad. Oh sure, I only encountered him briefly, but I am a psychologist by nature, reading people constantly. Sometimes I am wrong, this time I am right. I pledge to be careful from now on. Like right now, I wait till it gets a chance to cool off. I don't want to overwork it.

Can I just say that it smells absolutley lovely in the house right now. We have this plug in we put in the outlet in the wall and just buy refills. The concentrated oil just evaporates the house and the scent travels around the house. I bought the citrus one which was a hit with sis and everyone that walks in basically. I am a smell addict. If you market me with a description of ingredients that makes up a smell filled with exotic and eccentric stuff, I am off running to buy. I love scented candles, those stuff you have votive underneath and upstairs you fill with a drop of concentrated oils and water (it might be called oil diffuser), exotic shampoo, colognes like cucumber melon. That's beside my passion for good tasting food and looking at nice stuff. You can say that I love to please my senses. We sure have a creative God to fill the earth with wonderful stuff despite the rate we destroy it.

I am a little behind my cleaning sched, but everyday I have been doing something at the least. I only lack the terrace, kitchen, our bedroom and the toilet. Bathroom and living room check and rough cleaning all spaces check. Atleast all areas are clean on the surface. No stuff lying around where it should not be. And i just have to share that my spine shivers whenever I hear the vacuum catch a hard and a little bigger thing. I get all paranoid and think, maybe it's something precious it sucked in.

I got a call from our friend Arin today. She was with us to the Philippines. Apparently her sister wanted to go to Thailand next year, but her hubby Wisam rather go to Boracay with us instead. Although we will be skipping next year to pave way for buying a house and getting preggy.

Our lensbaies has not yet arrived. I am beginning to be a little too itchy to play around with it. I ven was unorthodox to open the mail at 3am just to see if they arrived (I suddnly remembered we ordered the babies at 3 am in the morning. Not that our mailman comes that time.)

I talked to mommy dearest today. She always has the habit of making me cry. Not because she is a bad mom, but because she is an excellent mom. I love talking to her. I should be taking the initiative to call a little more. My mom and dad is the cutest now that dad decided to join in and be active devoting to God (I am holding my tears back. Talk of God always makes my heart soft.). They pray together at night holding hands and ddad leading the prayer. I really heart what they are doing. I wish we could be spiritually compatible, me and Bizzi, to be able to have these activities together. Bizzi is tolerant though, and I am glad for that, and he is no less in my eyes because we are not bound by the excact same faith and teachings. He does good to his fellowbeing, is a good husband, compassionate and not parttaking in immorality. He errs once in awhile, but minor stuff, and it just shows he is human. But he has utter respect and fear for his God, even if he doesn't pray regularly or got to a house of prayer, and that's totally admirable.

I am missing my coffee right now. I have been so addicted to the frothe nescafe. It really isn't that good compared to coffee outside (but it's comfy and cozy), but if I had an espresso machine (which I wish I really had), I would make a coffee mocha myself with frothed fresh milk.

I am seriously considering temp as an option to getting a job. It ain't working well this way. Hopefully, someone can offer me something permanent eventually. Itæs important to atleast enter the firm at some level.

Germany is out of world championship. Bizzi took it farely well. I think France will sweep the title. I always admired Henry's unstoppable agressive play.

I have been diligent using the cam for 3 days, but had to pave way for other important stuff. I haven't had the chance to share yet, but here is a little peak now. Nothing spectacular, and I do need a lot of practice. But that's the greta thing. When sis and her learned photography, they had to use trial and error. But it was much more expensive method if you wer using film in that time. Atleast now I have the liberty to snap to my snapping delight. Leave you with these images:

collage2 (Medium)

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Monday, July 03, 2006 Moodswings

This day started a little grumpy. I feel so unproductive when I just sit and surf and surf and surf...get the ideas. Which resulted in postponment of washing machine repair, LO of continuation of the cleaning and getting an appointment from the doctor (among other things).

So I detoxed with getting a refreshing shower, changing to fresh smelling clothes, a little clearing off some areas and go out grocery (fresh air and do something useful). And ofcourse a little Ibux to clear my minor headache.

Let me brief you on the last days. I had a horrendous day right after I wrote the last entry. I felt all cluttered in my head and pressure mounting in. My cousin was supposed to come on sunday so I felt I had so little time to get all the corners of our house squeeky clean and then I had so much other stuff on my mind. Come to think of it, it's only small stuff, but many small stuff can wear you down. My washing machine again wouldn't stop even if it exceeded the drying minutes I set it to. It was still going the following day after I put it on before going to sleep at night. Other stuff are the 2 added blogs I want to make, unfinished stuff on my to do list and bundled thoughts that i want to blog about but never had the time. The next day proved to be so positively different. I managed to pop myself out of the puter, and I did a lot of household chores concentrated on the living room as a part of my new cleaning schedule till cousin, nephew, auntie and uncle arrives (I found out this day that they won't be coming this sunday as scheduled, but rather next week which means more time for me and less pressure). That way I can fully pay attention to verey spot and really make it shine. So a clean home makes a clean mind so much as clutter spaces clogs my mind.

Sharing some pics here now of the clean and organized part:

collage (Medium)

I put out the rattan comfy chair again after the red one matching the coach broke down. Darn that thing. The metal got all soft and broke. Also another headache of mine.

Ok, so what else is up. We had fried salmon the other day. It's boring just fried and with rice, but I whipped up a cold sauce with sour cream, dried dill and salt. The only thing missing was a squirt of lemon. All these things blends so well with the rich flavor of the salmon. I also like what dad used to accompany it with. Thinly sliced cucumber in vinegar brine with sugar, pepper and fresh dill. Mmmm. I love salmon. And I love it smoked for a sandwich with herb cream cheese with fresh chives.

Bizzi brought home some take away the other day from Spice. I usually don't like take away except for their chicken creole, but the thai food Bizzi got was very exotic and packed with flavor. It was a big portion to and served me up for two days of meals. It had galangal (almost like ginger. I chewed on it. It's milder and has a rounder flavor than ginger. Also it had lemongrass and a boat of lemon. Love all the exotic flavors.

I love new ingredients, fancy gourmet words and the likes. That is why when sis brought a gourmet version pringles with greek cheese flavor and avocado oil, my eyes just lighted up. It tasted lie a cross between feta cheese and goatcheese.

I had an indulgence moment at the grocery store today. Bought the two types of gourmet pringles. The other being red bell pepper with olive extract. I never step in the forbidden zone, the potato chips and chocolate section, but I stepped on both today. I feel that junkfood can be mentally unhealthy too, and since I had a clutter mind at the beginning of the day, it wasn't actually a good idea. But I also bought a lot of greens. I wanted Bizzi to have an interesting lunch pack for a change. Bought fresh herbs; parsley and dill and a salad mix. And since I became fascinated with sea salt after i tasted the bread at this italian dining place with sea salt, I bought some now. It's not the gourmet type which I heard is more expensive, but I just wanted to test it. The mango from pakistan squeezed in between the freezers just sends me right back to my sweet homeland, Philippines. I can infuse myself with that stuff in hhours just for the sake of the sentimental journey.

I hate the selection on our local grocery store. We had an inventory count the other day at my cousin's grocery store which is the same chain as this one, and there they had pepper makrell on can. Here they didn't even have a single brand of makrell in cans. I wanted some with bread and mustard sauce.

We rented movie sunday. One of them as I requested was pride and prejudice. Ofcourse it makes me think of sense and sensibility with the time and age as well as the title. I like Keira Knightley. She's a no frill gal and cool looking to. She reminds me of Winona Ryder. The story revolves around the sisters being pimped by the matchmaker ambitious mother. The eloquent and complicated words in the lines is so me. I am so serious in my speech sometimes that it seems like this era suits me better speechwise. I like this line though where he calls himself a comprehensive arse. That got me thinking and made my imagining powers spin.

My sister noticed me always putting on the subtitle. I guess this has been a habit of mine evr since. I feel something is missing without a subtitle, and I can't concentrate that much and pay attention to what they are saying, and the odd thing is that I don't even read it. The other movie by the way is from Charlize Theron, a sci fi action movie named aeon flux.

I am considering buying an account at Flickr. The services isn't too bad and I need more space and new sets. I also considered buying an account at livingdot.com to host my photoblog. I like its simplicity after having scouted other alternatives. Besides, I am really hating Photosite after I have reached so many pics. Its software for editing, arranging and uploading is so slow and non existent now that I have 2ooo plus pictures. It has a good interface and possibility for photoblog and flexible in design, but my golly I can't even upload one single picture as of this date.

More on mango. I have subscribed to their newsletter long before and gets the latest, and my poor heart when I heard that their mangooutlet.com has reduced their prices. Mango outlet is a webstore where they sell items from previous seasons already reduced greatky and now even reduced more. Oh my all that reductions is making me faint. But I kept away, there are tother stuff I want to budget for, and I did enough damage. And by the way, the teaser that I am, the regular mangoshop.com has sale for as high as 70% now from previously 50%.

Me and Bizzi still groovy and enjoying married life in each other's company. Lately I have been annoyed slightly that frdays, saturdays and sundays he is out cruising around with his buddy. I can't blame him though as I am alway preoccupied in the computer and don't want to go out despite the wonderful weather. I do tease him with constantly insiniuating that he is scouting for girls while he is out. And always call him when he is out. Usually guys get annoyed of this, but he is so tactful, and one night he suddenly said things without me asking anything. I will never leave you and I will never exchange you for any other girl. Now that's mushy overload for yah, LOL. I love it when he surprise me with sweet thoughts like that. I think he is so cute also when he mispronounces things. That's so typical him which makes him so clumsy and cute.

Since I have no more stuff on my notebook to put on my blog and I forgot the rest, I bid you adieu.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006 One happy triggerhappy mother of a d-slr

Don't even know where to start. I am just so excited about my new toy that I am just beaming of joy. So Bizzi was having a match and decided to wake up earlier and go with me to shop for the goodies. We bought out subway tickets, but later found out that Bizzi's younger brother could pick us up. We first went to his bank to withdraw since his atm visa just expired and the other is not working (maybe demagnetized). Closed. So since the majority of our cash is bundled up in his account, we were worried we didn't have enough in my account to buy all the stuff. Second stop was this small shop who has relatively low prices and specializes in photo equipment. Small space indeed, but many employees and buyers. Seems like a busy place. Ok so we got our external flash SB 600 compatible with Nikon (heavy stuff), a lowepro stealth reporter 200 bag (with space for a camerahouse, 3 lenses and other small items in the front. It had like a baby pouch for additional equipment detachable from the main bag and a memorycard holder with slot for 12 memory card that could also be detached) and an extra battery. Then off we went to this foreign exchange branch of Bizzi's bank which was opened a little bit longer. Sometimes they didn't allow withdrawal or only limited amount. This time luck was on our side and we withdrew sufficent funding for the slr. We could have bought the camera in the same place, but this other store was a tad cheaper plus 100 prints included in the price, so we would save like 200-300 kroner. The first branch I went to was sold out. They just sold their last stock the same day, and referred me to a nearby branch. This one had 2 more left. I had analyzed this buy for so long, so when the employee asked me if I already had a lens, I said no, and he said that canon eos 350d (rebel) had a better lens. I debated my research, but was a little disappointed that he mentioned it. First of all, I already bought a flash compatible with Nikon and battery and 2nd I was so excited already and I didn't want something like this to kill my excitement-especially because I am so perfectionist and overprepared. But I was deadset and just told him that I would invest in a 18-200 NIkkor objective later with the VG stabilizator, in which he said good choice. I took everything out of the box and put it in the bag, and it was a bit heavy. It wouldn't be something I would unhesitantly bring everywhere and everytime, so the compact camera is still good to have (bizzi suggested we give the coolpix to mom, but I argued that we will still need it, but very kind of him to suggest it. Bless his good heart). And oh by the way we ordered from lensbabies.com and we bought the nikon version 2.0 coming to the mail pretty soon. When me and Bizzi parted, he said something I seldom hear. In Philippines it's common to part with ingat ka or take care in english. Bizzi said that in Norwegian which is not so usual here, and certainly not for him. I am sure it was because I had valuable stuff with me, but neverthless I had to ask him to repeat it becasue it sounded good.

I started playing around with it once I got home, shooting while reading the manual and other websites for tips and info. Also reviewed the reviews of the cam I researched on to just comfort me from the previous statement of the clerk. I must say that in my 2 days of having it, I already learned a lot. I had no idea about SLR and its settings previously, but is a big step ahead now in the last 2 days. There's lot to learn. Lots of combination. Endless types of situation, lighting and actions and artistic preference. I also teted the flash a bit and it had some settings on its own. But I feel I need to learn more about the camera and learn about the flash last. Besides I think we will only use the flash indoors in bad lighting conditions.

I made a strategy in learning about slr and taking picture as a self course, and I need to buy that book Understanding Exposure as a supplement:

1. Familiarize with using the camera. Different parts and functions, buttons and reading the displays and indicators. Terminology in slr.
2. More indepth knowledge with how it functions. Especially the mechanic of a lens. Understanding behavior. Cause and Effect.
3. Experiment each setting. Like for example shutter speed with other things constant. Shoot in different setting. Rename the image and put in my camera experimenting folder. For example put it in the shutter speed, white balance, ISO or aperture. Learn about the different modes-manual, programmed auto, aperture priority and shutter speed priority.
4. Experiment by combining settings. Take note and rename image depending on the setting.
5. Then learn about the external flash, functions and settings and what would be appropriate for each situation and lighting conditions.
6. Participate in challenges and prompts. Try different
7. More on rules, tips and tricks to improve photography. Compositon and different styles.

And since I am always very happy to share info I accumulate I will be posting stuff about photography in my scrappy blog or maybe even make one more blog dedicated to photography so that I can follow up development and take notes. Just a quick summary on important things I've learned so far; changing the focus area, the four different modes besides from the auto modes and the differnece between the four, exposure (iso, shutter speed and aperture seperately) and how to check the correct exposure from the viewfinder through a scale), white balance, operating the camera, a bit on reading the control panel and depth of field.

Other practical things I also learned so far, you can only view pictures taken in the lcd. So with some practice I unlearned using the lcd to shoot. Also the weight of the camera really gives stability. I just love how flexible it is and all the possibilities and how you can control your shots as opposed to the compact camera. Significant difference, athough I know there are some really nice quality compact camera nowadays, like the powershot G6.

So we opted for the nikon d50 instead of the d70 because of the price difference which paved way for a fancy flash and other additional equipment and also for the fact that it uses sd card like our compact cam. I like NIkon's interface. I might not have been so satisfied with my coolpix, but it was easy to use. Same with this. It takes a little getting used to in the beginning. Especially if your new to slr.

I really am digging to use manual modes and understanding rather than have it in automode. But I am sure that some situation I can settle for the automode. I been testing a lot with still subjects and indoors. I would need to do some movement or action photos to see the difference in settings. My cousin is soon coming over (sunday) and I will be chasing their cutey son Alexander all around the house to practice on moving subjects, hehe. I am really looking forward to see them again, but also a little anxious when her mom and dad comes from Philippines on tuesday and have them observe the lousy cook I am. In anticipation of them coming here, I set up a cleaning scheme in these next days paired up with camera learning and squeezing in some LO's since late nights and overstay in the computer is nothing I don't want them to see. I did some work today. Supposedly it was to be a superficial cleaning of the living room. Fast vacuum, arranging papers and stuff all around and some dusting. I managed to only do the workarea or the computer lounge, whichever you please, but I guess it was the only spot that craved that much attention. The rest would be easy peasy.

By the way, this site helps me in my learning process: http://2peasinapicture.blogspot.com/

I am more concerned about the kitchen, the bathroom and cr and the laundry (wahs of sheets and clothes).

And tuesday I got my mango stuff. I actually liked the color of the bag available on their branch better, but the pumpkin color was interesting too. The jumper/sweater was thin but really nice when put on. It snugged well to the body. This was too comfortable of a shopping. I was called by the deliverer on the cellphone to confirm I was home and he came on the door with an oversized package with a small mango shopping bag inside. Shopping at home sitting down (no cramped testing room and hot spotlights) and delivered to your doorstep with no extra charges.

The day I bought the slr, I met up with sis, and the weather was fab after days of rains and greay weather. It was sunny and decided to eat out. We went to this really nice place with brick walls and brickroad. It was very french countryside like. We ate at a mediterranean place. I simply loved the bread with herbs and seasalt flakes. The 2 different bread was soft and moist just right and so fresh. Yummy, dipped in olive oil that tasted like banana (same as the other place we dined in not so long ago). I had pasta with basil sauce and topped with a juicy chicken piece. It was only me and my sis and although I am with her all the time at home, it's such a big difference to be outdoors. I talked constantly and just so much to say. I also met some of our friends, a kurdish girl which is the wife of Bizzi's captain of the soccerteam and my turkish friend who used to be my colleague at Burger KIng.

In one shoeshop that was discounted, there was a funny sign; don't think just buy. How biased of the signmaker and/or owner.

Baby came home with a fractured arm from the match. Poor thing. He got sickleave for 2 days. So I got him here with me now. And they even lost the match, but he did manage to put in 2 goals which made his status most goals as of now. He has gotten it for the last 2 seasons, so hope he gets it this time around too.

My friend from highschool called from Italy. What a pleasant surprise. Last time she called, she was in Sweden. I never got to hook up with her despite that we were so near each other. I almost did get to meet her when we went to Sweden for a kurdish election, but time wasn't on our side, so we didn't manage to arrange it.

Watched smallville today. Clark and Lana is too dramatic, but the girls surely is a stunner.

And last a rant. I had an argument with sis yesterday. I was the bad tempered, she was all mild about it, but neverthelss I was provoked. I shouldn't be because her intentions is well I know. And I hate it. I hate how I feel about myself afterwards and I hate that it brings out some not so good sides from me, but I hate being pushed to a corner. Oh well, we're all good now without actually resolving it completely. I just didn't want to talk more about it. I still feel lousy snapping at a preganant woman particualrly my sister, period. But I do have my own feeligns, and sometimes they are a little hard to control. It makes you lose your cool, your logic and consideration. I just hope no more episodes like that in the future. It's the last thing I need now with all the issues of not nailing a job and some minor seasonal self esteem issues.

Enough ranting and raving for this time. Watch out for my photography adventure blog and pictures in the near future for those interested in learning photgraphy as much as I do. Might have a seerate photoblog to post my fave pics. Might need to buy an unlimited account at flickr to host my pics, esecially if I am to post high resolutioned images.

Ok peeps. See you pretty soon.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006 Welcome Back Absentee

Yes that would be me. I have however made some LO during my absence. Share these first before the catching up talk:


Credits: Almost everything from Michelle Coleman's Chelsey's dream except for dark brown paper by Dianne Rigdon from Joshua's day in the sun, imperfectly frame stitches by Cristine Nash, Double stitch from Sara Carling's authentic kit, straight stitches from Gina Miller, burlap heart by Gina Cabrera at DDE. hand stamped brush from Michelle Coleman and denim alpha from Katie Pertiet. Fonts used: Book Antiqua, Pretext and Carpenter ICG. TFL


Credits: Brickwall background from Jennifer Tripetti's Play Hard kit, Alpha freebie from Carrie Stephens, Funky flowers from Gypsy chick at ACOT, ricrac from Gina Miller's finishing touches, Antiquefinds card from Michelle Underwood, tag from Summer Whimsy kit here at Scrapartist, Freebie pink flower from Kim Christensen, eyelet from rough n tumble kit by Eve Recinella, acrylic stapled heart from Michelle Coleman's tutti frutti elements pack, staples from Girls Lie too kit by Kim Christensen, picture blended with free paper from Kristy Ann Nerness (free from newsletter) stamped crown and metalcrown accent from Michelle Underwood's crownstamp pack, letter p from Michelle Coleman's new handstamped brush alpha and swirly doodles by Ida (freebie from catscrap.com). Fonts: Rebekah's Birthday and Oedipa.


Credits: IOD wicked garden papers, staples, inked edge overlay, tag, tape and paper clip form IOD's essential kit, crochet from Dianne Rigdon's sweet abandon kit, criss cross stitches from Micheel Coleman's tutti frutti pack, ribbon and lopoey trim from Gina MIller's finishing touches, aged notebook paper from Gina MIller, alpha from Mindy Terawasa's treasured kit, and Michelle Pearson's floral brushes as clipping mask for paper. Atomic cupcake crumble and tear action. Free Dagerre action on photo lightened with blending modes. Fonts: Broken 15, Jefferson and Bulky Refuse type.

Well, 3 LO as opposed to one by one, but nevertheless I struggled getting this finished, erasing, removing, never satisfied. It's the same ole battle crativity versus perfectionism and just feel inadequate and all that insecurities talk. I know what's causing this. Not being outside, socializing, face to face contact, peers, colleagues, expanding horizons. Well, that, and I haven't heard from those I applied for and the house not looking squeeky clean as I hoped it would be. For one moment, as corny as she is, I wished I was Sabrina with her magic and make all the clutter disappear with a wave of the hand (is that what she does, told you she was corny, I don't pay attention).

Oh well with all the dreaded stuff, I remain alive and in good condition and emotionally healthy surprising enough.

Weather is not so pleasant either, riding on my mood. Sappy, grey and rainy weather. Darn! How in the world can I show off my shopping conquest, ROFL (thanks Weng, now there's meaning behind the abbreviation). I want to go out buy rice cause I feel a hungerpang and we're out of our rice, and if the weather was nice, I would go out in a jiffy with my home clothes and sandals, but now I gotta get dressed and protect myself from the darn wetness outside.

Is it obvious that I am cranky right now. It doesn't help that I nowadays rediscovered winamp radio and listens to a pop top 40 station. Not actually the relaxing music. Weird for me to be tuning into this. I have so varied musictaste that even I confuse myself.

Liv pointed out my astig side. OMG girl, you can't imagine me when I went from Norway to 3rd year high school in Philippines. They had to unprogram my siga walk and make me comb my hair and dress me up like I was a doll. And at college, I was the grunge hippychick girl (at one point digging Slayer and deathmetal. That's sick when I think of it now. Shiver.) who used to drink one on one with my buddy Rap (R.I.P) emptying a bottle of whisky without chaser and in a snap (I shouldn't start with the drinking stories. Now the smell of liquor makes my stomach turn upside down). I was skipping class and missing on finals on my first year, and flunking grades, and the later years I was dean's lister for 3 semesters. The in between is a long journey. Don't want to bore you, hehe. Anyway, I think I am a very versatile person and I am very girl with my style in my mind, but I like to be comfy in real life. I prefer sandal over stiletto, but I love dressing up occasionally and just use so much time getting myself foxy. But in the daily life I prefer to not wear makeup (ofcourse, I am always at home) and be really comfy with jeans or sweats and a tshirt and my glasses. Maybe it's because the image of the teacher with her hair up, glasses and transform to the godess in the music videos and the cheesy 80's movie appeals to me, hehe.

Ok so there you have me in a nutshell. My interests is also in celeb gossips nowadays which my older me could kill me for. I never imagined to be digging in such shallow stuff like this, but it's kinda fun. But to save my reputation, the best part is look at what makeup and dress they wear, not their private life (...NOT, no seriously I swear I have no interest in whose house they came out from the night before, hehe).

I am just fooling around a lot, stretching space so this can be dubbed a normal blogentry in my case which is the trademark looong and winding.... I forgot to take notes, silly me. Now I have to concentrate really hard to bring out the details....

Oh yes how can I forget the day I was super cranky. Mess, no cooperation, you get the drift, and the struggle of letting go since I am supposed to be a good sister and be supportive in a difficult time. Oh forgive me for even saying this loud. I am a jerk for thinking and hang up in these things, but I am just a humanbeing, and I am really setting aside these selfish feelings for I feel guilty just feeling this. I love her to death, and it's been difficult to deal with it because she has such enthusiasm for her upcoming bundle of joy, but I can't always ride on her good mood, and it makes me feel guilty for not expressing excitement all the time in her rate and her intensity, but still I am really excited. I have never felt this personally and I can't relate to that extent. But as soon as I snap to my angelic side and feel the guilt, I go to her and just gives her a kiss on the cheek. Ok, I am rambling now, does this even make sense.

And the pc got me cranky too. Solved it after hours, but I feel we so need more protection. I managed to solve an issue again. A virus had planted a fake file to resemble the exe files that runs when you do start-run. And with the help of a toll that I googled, it detected it and made it disappear. Also cleaned the registry some more by manually removing PS 7 files since my unistall was interrupted.

Let's go to happy news. This entry is so somber. Ok, tax money is here. SLR here we come. I am so excited, and Bizzi asked me to buy it already, but I want him to be there, so I am delaying it till his dayoff. I can jump for joy, but can still imagine being really bored with no subject and cloudy weathers.

So what else has happened. Talked to mom. Been a long time since I heard her voice. Miss her so much. She's bugging me about stuff like going to the long delayed doctortrip, and other stuff. But I kept cool. She only wants my best, and she says it so nicely. Still nice to talk to her. Love my parents so much. They have been busy with gardening now and want to start a bakery. Wish them the best, because they deserve the best.

We follow football and scream and shout like mad. Man that nederland versus portugal was wild. So many yellow card and 4 red cards. Lots of heat on that match. Important is that Germany and England advances. With Sweden out of the competition I am cheering for Mr. Beckham and

Funny stuff. Watched a little afternoon tv and stumbles upon bold and beautiful which we watched religiously back in the days when the whole family was here. Hahaha. That's all I can say. And theya re finally showing a newer version of 7th heaven. The Camden are really the idyllic family. Can't believe how they've grown, and how two of them are not there. And Lucy is preggy and married to this Brad Pitt like figure. Picture-perfect, aaah...

Sleep is normal as off now. Suddenly got sleepy in front of the pc around 1 am, and laid myself to sleep. Eventhough I woke up pretty late.

I discovered this new product at our local grocery. It's a refreshing yoghurt drink. I am loving these type of drinks. It is in two flavors. Raspberry with Lemon and Strawberry. And I bought a bag of ice. I want to satrt making ice coffee's again, and now I just need a sunny weather to match my chilled and refreshing drinks.

Before I forget, I got my LO draft of our wedding album. I am already working on the alterations. Best way is to make suggestions by coorecting the layouts with my CS2 and I am also complimetning it with some written description. It was ok, but maybe a little too plain. But love the choices of pics (which I never came around to pick), and some I really loved. It landed on my spam actually, so I have had it for 4 days actually.

Ok I am off to buy the rice now. Can't stand the loud rumble of my tummy. It interrupts my thinking ;)

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Friday, June 23, 2006 Shopping hormones and pocket casualty

Ok I need to dump my piling thoughts on this blog before they explode on me. Ok as the title implies, this is gonna be mostly about my shopping spree. And no, this is not scrapsupplies which I also went shopping for today. If I am deadly shoppping for kits while sitting home, I wreck more damage going out and visiting shops like Mango and Morgan Toi while they have sale.

But let's get chronological shall we and start with older news.

I sent my application through internet for the foreign exchange position and I am so glad to have that out of the way. Yesterday I interpreted for the hospital and since I am under a confidentiality clause I can't reveal the details, but I can say that I learnt that heart attack is actually a wound in the heart that needs to be healed. And I must say that doctors they see illness and deaths and is part of their routine. I am sure they are saddened and some ways affected but due to the nature of their job they have to block away the emotions to persevere in their profession and not get a breakdown or loss of concentration. But I decided not to make it my job and routine to interpret, and even if the patient was mumbling and rambling and his speech wasn't straight because of the attack, I looked at him and paid attention to him ad looked interested. After all this might as well have been my dad. My dad was seriously ill at one point and I knew it frightened me a lot back then. I remember how sad I was and how filled with tears I was when he did no longer recognize us. Anyways, thank God for letting him be with us longer.

Btw, Liv just reminded me of how mushy I was at my previous entry. I had to read it all over again. I never do that. Because my diary is mostly just a vent forum till I feel the need to reminisce a certain day ( which got me thinking now, will I in my older age and shaking hands still be typing away. Hmmm). Anyways, back to the issue, damn was I mushy. It makes me shiver a bit, just a bit.

When we talk about romantic, looking back at my wedding we were never that romantic. I used to cry (still do) of weddings and seeing the couples so sweet. Maybe it is because we lived together already, but the important thing for us was that we could share it with our loved ones, thus we had it two places. But surprisingly I didn't cry looking at him. It was the other folks that made me cry. Like for example my bestfriend who made me cry a flood of tears. We felt more like a host of a party than the main event. I cried in our first rite at the mosque. What was supposed to be just a briefing by their priest on their religion suddenly became a marriage rite. And I cried because it came so sudden and unexpected. i wasn't prepared for it, and I cried for noone was there from the family. And at the same time I cried of joy. It was very mixed emotions that day, and I was confused and din't know whteher to rejoice or be mad being the always have to be prepared miss.

Back to today. Imagine we haven't even began the shopping stories. So let's have that over with. The day when I interpreted, I went to Mango to submit my application and shopped for some stuff. A coat, a sweater and a printed t-shirt. Some stuff definitely caught my eye. The white tshirt I liked they had none in my size. The white bag with red accents in my collage I picked it up and later put it back. It was the type that would go dirty pretty fast with its color and material. I saw some of the stuff on their netshop and some not there but which I loved. A green leather jacket with frayed accents, and a big cream colored bag. I love those big leather bags with nice handles and buckles. It's so trendy with the celebs and I often see them featured in the magazines with celebs wearing them, although these are not designers like them. The price for those two were a little stiff so I said to myself I better think it over and also discuss with hubby.

I showed him the stuff at home. He smiles, and said if it was him I would go mad. And that is so true. But with him he asks first, and I don't let him (though he got his laptop lately which he have been bugging me for so long now). His remark wasn't a bitter one. In fact he likes it whne I buy stuff and get dressed. I love parading for hime when I am all dressed up and he nods for his approval. He likes it when I make an effort to look good once in a while, although he never imposed it on me. I said to him feeling all guilty that I didn't have sweater and shoes and stuff. And guess what he does, he opens a browser and finds a shoeshop to look for shoes that he would like me to have, or atleast a style that I could buy. yes he is a keeper for supporting the woman urges of shopping. In fairness, I get him always nice and expensive bday presents while I always insist year after year not to buy anything for me. So to relieve my guilt, I asked that if the stuff I bought could be named my belated bday gift. And also when we go to Pinas he always gets 50 tshirts and lots of other stuff and shoes while I hold myself back (I bought a little, but then again each item was pricey)

I have two guilty feelings after this shopping

1. Guilty for burning 4 grand (24k php) in clothing as total damage including todays catch
2. Guilty for not buying at the net earlier so I got my faves, or stopping by the shop earlier. Man my faves ran out fast. Now I know what to do next time. Shop online once the newsletter comes with the sale warning.
3. Gulity for not getting anything for Bizzi (Although I asked him and he said he didn't want anything at this point)

I browsed the internet and the stuff on my faves were mostly gone, had no size or no more of the color I liked.

So that brings us to today. Placed an order of two items at the shop. I put on stuff and delete them. Was so fickle minded. In one point I had 10 items in my shopping chart. But I was so set to getting that jacket that I just had to fight the temptation.

Sorry, I gotta go back to yesterday and just tell you how awful I felt right before coming home. I had woken up 10 pm and was up till the following day, went and interpreted and then to mango. I was yawning constantly, heart palpitations, short of breath and dizzy for lack of sleep. I got home and then my tummy went bad. I crashed to bed right after being on the pc a bit. I felt like ont he verge to collapse, but that didn't stop me from doing a little shopping (I swear we girls must have had a shopping cart inside our mother's womb).

DSCN9905 (Medium) "Astig" LOL

Today again. I was really sporty dressed today with my puma gear. A little boyish and endorsing puma with puma caps, tshirt and bag, but rubber from Adidas. For shopping, one must wear comfy shoes. It's a must. Very lucky today, cause I finally got to catch some sun. It came out and the city was bustling and cafe life was present in the streets. I see people and I miss interactions. Seing this now after having isolated myself and gone hiatus (but now that will change with all my new stuff to show off, so I can be a little trendy and not seem like coming from a time capsule. Yes my wardrobe is filled to the rim, but I see all these trendy people outside and I feel a little left out). First stop Mango. I went up and down and up again and asked for the jacket and they said down, and then I discovered a new section. The thing with Mango is that not only do they have nice clothing but their collection is massive. So much to pick from. The other day, I had to go over the racks twice. this day twice as well. I went to the other outlet today, and saw some of the stuff from the net, and some didn't have my size. Bummer. I was just going to buy that lather jacket, but just before going to the cashier I picked up some stuff near the cashier. Todays Mango Purchase was charged to Mastercard. Instead I thought of just adding extra amount to our monthly regular installments so it would be like I would partially pay for it in monthly installments. That way it wouldn't be so heavy on the wallet. In the testing room, I almost got claustrophobic. It was a cramped space and I had picked up one of those complicated criss crossed tops. With the spotlight dead on me with its scorching heat, I struggled to put it on. What girls go through... I also discovered that the bags I saw on the net were smaller than I imagined. I also discovered that the stuff I bought they had it on the store. But it's better to be safe cause I didn't see the bag I wanted on the outlet yesterday. I am glad though that the big leather bag I saw yesterday wasn't there. Saved a few bucks. And I am usually an exclusive Mango girl, but had to snag some stuff at H&M. My main purpose was to find a white sleevelss top to have under my sheer seethrough and knits, but picked up more stuff. Knitted armygreen sweater with a hood and a butooned tshirt-love those fit t-shirt. It's so Winona Ryderish-Reality bites(I observed that knitted was the prevalent accent of their last collection as well as raffles. And also the knickers with some bucles and other accents and puffy details. I see lots of girls wearing these knickers with heeld shoes. And also shorts a little above the knee looked to be trendy. Actually these are the things I should be buying because I am so obsessed with tops and blouses that I have too many of them. Although my principle is that with one jeans, and changing tops and accesories you can always achieve different look. So one doen't need too many jeans and pants actually.). I also bought shoes from a store who always has reasonable prices (pang masa ika nga). I peeked in at Bianco (bianco.com), but a little over budget. And yes I do have budgets even when I impulse shop. I also had this "no blouse or tops for more than 200" policy. I wanted some wool sweater, but I am so darn lazy to handwash.

See how chatty I am when it comes to shopping. I am just typing like mad here that I could get an overspeed ticket if there was such a thing.

More news for today. I went to sis in law's office since they wanted to discuss something with me. They apparently needed me to work there and develop and follow up on the bid they won. It was a form of expansion with that contract and they needed an extra hand to make it all happen and so they can improve and win it again after 2 years. To be honest, I am a little hesitant. I worked there before a bit, and for many reasons I find it a bit difficult to work for family. Let's just see first if I get any response from my applications. Anyway I had one cig today with cafe mocha. Couldn't resist with the company and being outdoors in the sun. Lethal combination.

Some visuals first. Thought I brag about my conquest for a while, hehe.

collage (Medium)

From my camera, my shopping bag contents. I really heart that frayed edges on the green jacket and how it is shaped to the body. And that printed tshirt rocks. It has japanese culture prints on it and geisha's. I love oriental flare and besides I just loved the length of it. It's slightly longer than the ordinary tshirt.

collage2 (Medium)
From the netshop. Items 1 & 2 I ordered from the internet (but white sweater). I bought items 3-7, but the raffled in yellowish beige and the last one in white. Item 8 they didn't have my size on the net an was empty at the outlet, but I loved the details in this. There is a flower detail below which can hardly be seem from here. The raffled last one is from the newere collection. I love it. Look at the sleeves. It's all about the details...

collage3 (Medium)

And I bragged so much about Mango, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I love all their clothes. The 3 above are pieces that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing. I understand the trend of ballerina shoes, but ballerina tops? The bikini would loke more decent if you removed the middle part and made it a 2 piece. This comes off a little slutty. Detailwise it is ok. It just seem to be more bare than a twopiece. Now the third one I don't even know where to begin with this hideous stuff. It takes me back to a certain era; I don't know, maybe 80's early 90's, hmm. My spine is shivering when I think of myself and my hairsprayed bangs and puffy sleeves, but somehow these sleeves is worse than the 80's. and midrib, come on, who are we trying to fool here. Enough dissing. Just having a little fun.

Che, heard you shopped at the net. be warned my child, it could be addicting. maybe you'll turn triggerhappy on that checkout button, LOL :D

Sunny lovely weather as I said so had to buy something cold to drink on my way home. Iwas longing for fruitshake and frapuccino, but Norway doesn't have so many options so it was a slush in the convenience store and peach icetea.

Btw, can someone tell me what ROFL is. I am not updated with this.

DSCN9889 (Medium)

Leave you with a pic of my baby last weekend. I almost forgot that it was friday and that Bizzi didn't have work. Must be all the shopping clouding my thoughts, LOL.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 Rants and Raves of a geek

Ok before I rant and rave, here is another one of my LO's:


Daughter of a good friend.

Credits: Background from Meredith Fenwick and pink fiber from Kim Christensen, both from Sundress kit (part of -her cd- collection), Paisley and letter "l" by Kim Christensen from Girls Lie too (also part of her cd) Felt frame, heart, and crochet flower from Gina Cabrerera at DDE, felt flower used as frame is a freebie from Holly McCaig, Patchlike flower and funky flower from Gina Miller and the pink stone is from her byobb kit, polkadot ribbon from Amber Clegg's neopolitan summer kit, pink plain ribbon from Fee Jardine's Appleberry pie kit, lace from Nancie Rowe Janitz' Bleached Linen kit, stitched up button from Jen Wilson, kinda sweet alpha from Gina Miller and vintage girl alpha from Lori Barnhurst. Font is Carpenter ICG.
Warning: This is as the title of this post suggest, a geeky rant and rave, so if techie stuff gives you the headache, then refrain from reading this, hehe. But this is what mostly consumed my whole night so thus a need to blog about it. And if your Photoshop is acting weird on you, this may be the solution.

I had signed up for a norwegian site (datascrapping.no) and was eager to create a LO to share and besides, so many LO's to make including one to celebrate my bestfriend's news (check the tagboard and you'lll see what I mean. Then, something happened with CS2 while I was in the middle of the LO. It just shut down by itself without me saving it. Stubborn me who alreaady knew that LO by heart, redid it, and it shut down. And again, and again, and again... It seemed like it did that everytime I typed. So, first I deleted some fonts since I have over the recommended of 500 fonts. I made it go down from 570 to 520. So problem not fixed. I removed and reinstalled, but no luck there too. I googled and googled and it was difficult to find a hit that matched my problem as precise and concise as I was. And also had problem with my task manager not showing up (I am beginning to love taskmanager to analyze the performances and processes-what eats up my resources, and what program might cause my problems). For the task manager problem I found out that downloading a free virus scan named and avg would detect and remove the problem. And so I did. Apparently something I downloaded planted a virus. Luckily when that virus disguised as an outlook program tried to access the net, Norton Antivirus popped up and asked if I was to allow it, but I blocked it. Anyway, I started scanning the pc. All 3 harddrives (and one of them partitioned), and it used 3 hours to scan the 300000 files in my pc. I also turned off the internet since I don't want any virus access my pc if it was that type of virus. The scanning removed 22 virus in the system. I think 4 of them was very hazardous. The outlook virus. I restarted and task manager was up again. But still my CS2 was shutting itself when I was typing. Googled some more, and came to a digi scrapbook forum with someone having a problem that looked similar. She was suggested to reassign scratchdisk (which I have done before), disk fragment and disk cleanup. I did the latter two. That again took the time, especially the disk defrag. Disk cleanup went fast since I earlier deleted the compress old files in the system registry when I encountered a problem (see previous posts) with cleanmanager getting stuck and keeping my CPU at 100% which overworked it and made it temperature overheat constantly, despite rebooting. In the end it didn't help. Then I finally found 2 solutions, one said that it mught be faulty font. I have done this process before. Uninstalling and reinstalling my fonts to check if there's any faulty font, so I skipped that solution. And then another one, it suggested that I delete the photoshop preference file and redirected to a link with a tutorial on how to locate and more explanation. Halleluja. It removed the problem. Time 6:30, problem started 11 pm. That's how persistent I am at troublehooting, and it never failed till now. And I was so happy to succeed and be able to use CS2 again that I was on the verge of crying. Imagine my hellish looong and wasted night. I tried everything and thought of everything, even rewinding the happenings to trace what I have done that might have caused it. Oh man, I am happy that was over with. Honestly, I am such a big geek that my beloved computer for me is like cars is for the boys. When they hear a new sound, they notice immediatley. Same with me, I am very sensitive detecting abnormal behaviors and sounds. And good that I am a mechanic too that manages to solve it. So, despite my backaches now, I am just so darn happy to get it fixed.
Happy news: Bestfriend Amor is having a baby. I am so happy for her. LO to follow. Certainly there is baby boom nowadays! The question is when will I contribute to the growth of population.
Relationship: I known Bizzi now for more than 5 years, and I am not getting tired of my man a bit. I really have no complaints. If we have any issues, it is so minor and easily resolved. Now with my distorted sleep, I try as much as I can to sleep at the same time as him when he comes from the graveyard shift. We usually lie in the bed with cartoon network on, and he enjoys the show much more than me, but what I likes the most with this is snuggling up and hear him childishly laughing and chuckling over his fave shows. I am smitten and it makes me feel young at heart. We joke a lot with each other before we sleep, asaran ika nga and lambingan. lately I have been so busy with the computer when he is out of working that I sometimes forget to anticipate his homecoming (but when he comes home, I always greet him with a tight hug and he always happy, but struggling to get out of my grips to take of his shoes). The other day, I missed him like crazy. I was texting him sweet messages 5 in the morning, and he sent me back an mms with a picture of himself in his work uniform with the ff words: you don't love me (in norwegian, except for the love, that's how we make lambing; pretending to be sad and say that the partener don't love us, so that the partner will try to convince that it's not true. Well it sounds scripted and so unsweet when I tell you about this, but believe me it is for us). I was giggling at his mms like a girl with a puppy love. I just love that we still feel so freshly in love when we have been together for a long time already. These feelings I feel is really genuine since I have felt the opposite in pasts relationship. I see how they lose the glow with the years and I feel so unreciprocated or treated badly. I see the great difference with Bizzi, and I appreciate it everytime. Now somebody shows me love the same way that I do. Someone thinks I am worthy of attention, someone is valuing my opinions and listens to it and someone respect me. I feel so blessed to find one that never seem to stop to amaze me and to humour me. Bless his kind soul.

The other night it felt good to open to him some stuff that I am bearing inside. He is not the phenomenal psychologist that has all the answers to anyone's problem, but his compassion and listening skills helps me a lot. To know he understands, do not judge and supports. I had to let some steam off and open up how lousy I felt as a wife not getting stuff done and not being able to make him food and not doing enough for my sister (there was a 2 day period where I felt like I was so unhelpful in housework. I often feel this, but these 2 days it was enhanced). And when I ask him if he feels that I am a bad neglecting wife, he laughs and says sarcastically that I am. And I know he is sincere when he says that this has not bothered him at all. That is the great thing with Bizzi. He is not complex and very straightforward. He says it like it is. He might not be this deep and analytical person with insecurites and clogged head, but that's the great thing. He gives me balance, and puts me back on the ground. I am secured and with him I know (and I am aware that some couple who has experienced adultery never expected it or got shocked) that he will stick loyally to my side.

I confess, I am happily married.
The funny thing with sis' seperation is that just right after she received the edited dvd, they were history as couple. I think videographers must speed up their editing in this day of age with constant divorce. It went so fast that my sister didn't even gete a chance to change her surname which turned out for the better.
Sunday was movie night once again. This time Bizzi gave up dragging me to the rental shop with him. He called me and asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted any icecream with chocolate (having drumstick in mind, he said horsehoe which I forgot what it was), while sis' wanted those long "icecandy" bars. He came home with 3 for each of us of those icesticks. each 3 in different flavors. And a bag of candy, one type for each of us. And exclusively for me he got a whole icecream cake. It was big, not as I expected. What a sweetie.

He rented a movie by Nicolas Cage called the weatherman and then the animation little chicken. The first one proved to be a black comedy which I discovered in the first minutes of the movies. I told him he rented a black comedy (which I know he don't appreciate, but he just kept it cool since he did the pick. So he didn't go ranting constantly that the movie sucked which would have been another case if I had rented it), and started teasing hime with asking how the preview is and what enticed him to rent it and why he was fooled to think it was a movie he would like. He was smiling when I was teasing him; like man I screwed it up. We did enjoy little chicken. This one we saw in the bedroom since sister was already taking a nappy at this time in her livingroom bedroom.
"It's just the cutest thing
When you get to fussing (fussing)
Yelling and throwing things
I just wanna eat you up
I don't mean no disrespect
When I start staring
Knowing that it makes you mad
I'm sorry that seeing you mad is so sexy
Could it be the little wrinkle over your nose
When you make your angry face
That makes me wanna just take off all your clothes
And sex you all over the place
Could it be the lil' way that you storm around
That makes me wanna tear you down
Baby, I ain't sure, but one thing that I do know is
Every time you scream at me
I wanna kiss you
When you put your hands on me I wanna touch you
When we get to arguing
Just gotta kiss you
Baby, I don't know why it's like that
But you're so damn sexy
When you're mad
Baby, don't think I don't take you seriously
But I just can't help the fact that your attitude excites me (so exciting)
And you know ain't nothing better
Then when we get Mad together and have angry sex (I'll blow you out)
Then we forget what we were mad about..."

That's Ne-yo's new song. I like the message in the lyrics. Not necessarily the erotic part, but it's just that this reminds me so much of Bizzi who always tries to make me mad for so to tickle me pink later.
Random and/or trivial stuff: Changed my bloglines alert sound which managed to annoy the whole household including yours truly. Now it has this funny comedy sound that is lower and more pleasant to hear.

Sweden tied with England (to Cheche's dismay, LOL). Ofcourse I am for Sweden. It is after all our neighboring country. I like the swedes and I like Zlatan & Co. They are meeting next my baby's team, Germany. He says if they win over Germany, they better win the whole championship, or he'll get mad. My baby is as I told you a real sweetie. He loves Germany, but since he knows I am on the Swede's side, he even considered that they might win with some conditions.

What's up with Paris Hilton and her singing. Have you seen her new video. She is so trying hard, and wiggling and moving like crazy. Overly done! Like someone said it was like a long CK commercial, but a boring one. Her video is what actually started my celeb gossip craze the other day.

And what's up with a threadless keyboard with the ability to reach meters. Hello, is it so that I can type while I am eating dinner or watching tv. Can I even read the screen from a 7 meter distance.

The other day I spilled at myself twice in a day while sitting on the computer, coffee first and second whole opening a sparkling water that turned out to have been shaking through the carjourney. Hate sticky stuff. You should have seen the look in my face. Funny, the first i attended to is the keyboard and the pc instead of myself (It wasn't like it had gone inside and had possibilty to short circuit the whole thing).

As I was eating the other day, with the viand not being so much, I had four spoons of rice to each spoon of viand. It gave me dejavu of my ex with his eating habits, with all his rice follow up. No wonder he fears acquiring diabetese (his dad has too so he is very concious of softdrinks, etc. but obviously not with rice).

Raining nowadays. Not pouring like mad actually, but it's grey and so different from the past weeks with lots of sun. It saddens me a little. I am definitely a sun and summer person although I hold myself indoors and remain unexposed to the rays. The only downer on the sunny days is that sis bought really sheer curtains and I can't see a damn thing.

Old colleague texts me and says she opened her own parlor. She was dreaming of this when we were working together. So nice to hear from peeps I haven't heard from in a long time.
Budgeting: yes it's a word that the shopaholic wrote (just in digi kits though). We were talking about vaccationing. then I thought about the camera, and future stuff, like getting house and furnitures and investing for kids. We definitely need to make a forecast and set priorities. I do want to be able to travel a bit before we have kids and enjoy each other. I suggested to go to California. I like that there's a lot things to see and do in the states, cheaper than europe and lots of food tripping. Reading dessertcomesfirst Lori's trip to the States left my mouth watering. And I also want to go to Greece or another mediterranean country, or maybe a quick european tour. But one's thing is more certain, a trip to Gothenburg in Sweden with friends for a weekend when weather gets better and everyone's free. It'll be fun.
That's it. I have to scrap to catch up with lost time fixing the damn software. Bye for now

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Saturday, June 17, 2006 Punched soul, troubleshooting and mango in cotton.

I am a little down today, and feeling very unproductive. Well, I have been feeling unproductive for the longest time, but somehow enhanced today and last night. This procrastination thing is such a big burden. Seing the tons of work and chores I could have done while I was out of job. It's just so hard to resist the computer. It's like it's calling me towards it. Freaky to be so attached to a thing that it's affecting my personal life and environment to such a big degree. I have a LO to share. I spent the longest time finishing it. In fact after hours playing around with it, I had to let go and sleep with unsatisfaction. After waking up, I still used hours on it, and in the end still not too comfy with the end result. Welcome to my perfectionist world. What ever happened to having fun in the process. But I did get some love for it, and it's alway a boost to get comments from the designers you admire *blush*.

Journaling is mostly about the time dad contracted meningitis, and was near death. He returned to a child, lost his memories and got super thin. So I am glad God was merciful and let him stay with us longer.

Credits: Photoalbum, albumpages and alpha from Jen Wilson's Genuine Swing. Papers from jen Wilson's Grandad's lap, cut with Miss Mint's decorative edges, vellum mat vellum from Jen Wilson's everyday bliss kit, Beaded wire from Chelsey's dream kit by Michelle Coleman, Buttons and bookplate from Jen Wilson's latest element packs, vintagepaper paraphernalia from Kathryn Balint's My old Office, frame corners and Inked overlay from IOD essentials kit, Burnt edge Overlay from Michelle Coleman, stitches from Gina Miller and tripleframe from Eve Recinella's Rough n Tumble kit. Fonts are Beccaria, Carpenter ICG and Saeculum.

And beside from the creative downer within me, the computer also has been guilty on frustrating me and affecting my flow. This is my second baby so my spiderman's senses are tingling when something is wrong. Also, I was to uninstall photoshop 7.0 when it all hang up and I didn't get to finish the uninstall. When I restarted it was unable to uninstall since it was missing a logfile that was vanished through the interrupted uninstall prior to rebooting. And deleting the folder manually in the program files doesn't remove the registry files and other photoshop 7 associated files spread a round. Headache after headache. But the biggest problem is lately, it has been slow, gettig stuck and for example when I type a text at Photoshop, there is delay before it appears. Another thing that has been happening is that when I do disk cleanup it never finishes. I didn't tie it to the slow performance, but later discovered that this was causing it. Also bloglines was a little cuckoo last night, I emailed support and got fixed.

So I opened the task manager and saw that it was 100% all the time, and I didn't have much program on. I had tons of stuff running simultaneously before, but still having it down to 40-70%. This was definitely abnormal. I opened the processes and discovered that the biggest percent of 99% was going to cleanmngr.exe. So I googled my situation which suggested I edit an entry in the registry. I am always a little hesitant touching the registry. I killed the process in the task manager, also edited the registry and last I scanned for spyware with Adware. I read a lot to see what can be causing this and especially if there was a virus in the system (I am currently running an antivirus scan, but not sure if it will be able to detect it). The steps I tok helped, but a probable virus and possibility for a backdoor in my computer which hackers can access is not a happy thought, and the more I am feeling the urgency of having a backup disk for pictures and other important documents. I felt it was so weird to just install new additional ram, but still get poorer performance. Now I get why the computer always told me computer over temperature. The poor thing was overworked by a malfunction.

Anyways, I am bit back on track computerwise. Just need to some clearing and cleaning. Wish I could also get myself to do some cleaning outside the monitor.

Supposedly (there I go again with my supposedly), I was going to a kurdish wedding with Bizzi. With limited transpo, my baby asked me if I still wanted to go. Learning that sis in law wasn't coming, I wasn't so thrilled to sitting with the elders for I would certainly not dance without my usual companions. I get to do ther stuff then, like scrapping *wink*. was relieved to be relieved of the event.

I managed to finish my application for the foreign exchange bank, but will submit it by sunday when sleep is adjusted hopefully. Another job opening that appealed to me is at Mango. Head of their biggest branch in Oslo, assistant chief and visual achuchu. I want to apply as the assistant chief. I love Mango clothing and it would be a treat to work in their firm. Sp since we are talking about Mango. Look at this.


And I went through over 1000 apparels on their norwegian website and here are my faves:

collage (Medium)

And unless I was a millionaire, I would get the whole bunch, but since I am a far cry from one with my bum ass, here is my narrowed choice. I am a mad shopper I tell you to go through this tedious process before heading to their store.

coFGFllage (Medium)

And to show you excactly how tedious the process was look at the other that didn't fall into my faves, but which I still loved.

collage4 (Medium)

collage5 (Medium)

collage3 (Medium)

collage2 (Medium)

collage1 (Medium)

and on the topic of fashion, I scanned this from the brochure of one of the nearby malls. I just love the white trend. It's so summery. With hint of browns also. And I loved the color of that bikini. So sweet.

Untitled-Scanned-01 (Medium)

Untitled-Scannded-01 (Medium)

Untitled-Scanned-02 (Medium)


I was having a sappy attack the other day. Well why you might ask. It's all about the weddings. saw Dionne's AVP at Threelogy and another wawie's as well and Nikki's prenups at Ilocos. Also Ade's pics too. Sigh, I miss my wedding preps. I am just so happy for these cyberpals of mine. I know how extatic they must feel. Sigh, again. Another reason I have been having sappy attacks is because of all the sad stuff happening around the world. Some afghan men is hungerstriking downtown because they fear to be sent back to their country in fear of prosecution. They have been doing this for 3 weeks now poor guys. The governement means it's safe for them now, but apparently they disagree, or maybe it's becasue they've got a ataste of a better life in which case why should they be deprived of the opprtunity of that. Then again, there are policies and complex structures of rules that needs to be folowed in order to have equality and order. For while I pity these guys, I am also apalled by the crimes some refugees commit while they are here, and ruining the chances of other who are genuine and noble. And then again, these same criminal offenders have seen and witnessed brutality in their daily life while I sit here sheltered from harm. I also wept for the 2 muslims who were set free after they were shot at being mistaken for terrorists. He was talking about his fear of dying and how he felt at the moment they were shot at. I see how difficult it must have been for him with the look in his eyes.

And last night I also spent most of my time browsing on celeb gossips in the States. At TMZ and at this place called superficial. Some were really funny to read. All the dissing and sarcasm.

By the way a warning to messenger users (yahoo and msn and the likes). If someone on your list (even if it's a friend you trust) suddenly appears and sends you a link just like that, don't click on the link. It's a virus. It's not harmful, but it will in turn do the same to your contacts. I was a vcitim, but managed to remove it. Twice I have gotten messages now even if I was on invisible mode, but I fortunately know better now. So don't fall for that. Who knows, maybe it's a harmful one that has been developed.

I leave you with that for now, although there are some small stuff I haven't gotten to. But it's in my notes. So till next time...

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